About me

My bio? Pretty simple I guess, I’m a recent graduate of  UNA and I majored in English and Spanish for Commerce with a minor in International Studies. Given the abysmal job market in the U.S., a foreign language degree may not seem like the best idea. But I want to travel! I want to see the world and engage in different cultures and am passionate about doing all this. I would love to go on to graduate school but my immediate plans are to take any job I can get. Right now I’m applying to teach English in a Spanish speaking country so I can get my feet wet and live in a culture where I would have to use my second language.

2011 pretty much confirmed this decision when I went to Peru (May 20-June 3) and Costa Rica (July 2-22) on Study Abroad trips with the Spanish department. A mi me encanta muchísima los países de sudamerica. 🙂

Starting with the most epic part of the year, I crossed off the second item of my bucket list, visiting Machu Picchu!!

In Colca Canyon, outside of Arequipa, the best spot to go is to Cruz del Condor, or “Cross of the Condor”. Condors are to South America what the Bald Eagle is to the United States, in other words, kind of important. We were there 7:00 in the a.m. since that’s the best time to see them. This particular canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon, and a lot greener and absolutely chock full of terraces left behind by pre-Incan civilizations. U.S.-0 Peru-1

Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in Manuel Antonio national park. Gor. Geous. We went there for a weekend trip and spent the rest of our 3 weeks there with host families, going to a Spanish language school daily.
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4 thoughts on “About me

  1. ebostick1212 says:

    Are you kidding me? A foreign language degree will be your meal ticket! With such a globalized world, most companies need someone who at least speaks Spanish….you’ll find a job sin problemas ;)…….but still, travel first…that is more important!

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