High above Granada : Lookout points


For the first trip of the new year, I hit up Granada with a fellow auxiliar for a weekend trip to close out our Christmas break. We hopped on a train down to the city and were pleasantly surprised by what we found. By that I mean, absolutely gorgeously lookout points all over the city that allow you to see for miles! Granada is seated at the foothills of and within the Sierra Nevada of Andalucia. It’s most famous site is La Alhambra, an ancient palace enclosure sitting above the city, an amazing vantage point from which to see the Albaicin, the white gypsy village spread out beneath it. For our trip, we visited nearly every Mirador the city had to offer so here are some pictures from each one I visited.

La Alhambra: Generalife, Alcazaba, 

We visited La Alhambra early in the morning to buy day-of tickets since they’d all been sold out online. I HIGHLY recommend going there early in the day, watching the sun come up and enjoying the early sun rays washing over the ancient stone and fresh trees.

Torre de la Vela overlooking the barrio Albaicin.

The Torre de la Vela. inside the Alcazaba, overlooking the barrio Albaicin.

View from lower Generalife gardens

Late into the sunrise coming up over Granda as seen from the lower Generalife gardens

Emily and I atop the Torre de la Vela in the Alcazaba.

Emily and I atop the Torre de la Vela in the Alcazaba.


Mirador San Miguel Alto : 

Roughly located above Calle Verdera de Pinchos, this mirador is front of the church of San Miguel Alto. This is the last mirador you’ll pass before heading out to the gypsy caves.

Mirador San Miguel Alto

My travel buddy, Emily, and I up at the Mirador San Miguel Alto after a long “walk” with a tour from our hostel.

Mirador de San Nicolas 

This is probably the most popular mirador in Granada and is at the edge of a nice little plaza teeming with bars and some of the best tapas in town.

The sky above La Alhambra is just gorgeous from here.

The sky above La Alhambra is just gorgeous from here.

Mirador de San Nicolas

Mirador de San Nicolas


Google Map of the sites listed

Have you ever visited Granada? Would you like to someday?



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