It’s official- I’m moving to Madrid!

Sorry for the delay in the update chicos but I have good news to share! I received my placement through CIEE and will be teaching at IES Valdemoro, Madrid starting October 1st. It’s a high school located south east of Madrid with a population of roughly 70,000. I will work about 16 hours a week which will hopefully leave plenty of time for adding on private lessons or tutoring to help fill my travel fund. 

I haven’t yet decided if I want to live in the town of Valdemoro or closer into Madrid. I really like the idea of living in La Latina and it looks to be roughly a 45 minute commute via Metro from Valdemoro. Do you have experience living in either area? What do you recommend for living in Madrid?

I was so happy to receive my placement because it just solidified that I would be moving to Spain, even for a year. As far as long term plans, I’m not trying to think too far past the next year. I want to make sure that I’m savoring the experience while I can. Sure, I’ll get my Master’s degree eventually but that can be put off a few more years…

Have you taught English abroad? Did you love it? Hate it? 

I’ll fly out to Houston next month to get my 90 day student visa from the Spanish consulate and will have to get an NIE card once I arrive in Spain for a longer term residency. There’s quite a lengthy line of red tape for this process so that alone is it’s own small battle. 


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