Please, oh please, gimme a job!

Well chicos, in case you didn’t know, the job market really frigging sucks here in the ole U.S.A. I graduated in May of 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts having double majored in English and Spanish for Commerce with a minor in International Studies. (Don’t ask. A double major in JUST languages-I’ve heard plenty about it.) I’ve applied for tons of jobs and several of them I knew there was just absolutely NO way I would get them. I’ve applied for about one dozen flight attendant positions because it’s bank money, free travel and exhausting active work which would be awesome! I flew to Houston this past December and had an interview with United Airlines. I didn’t get it. *cue sad face* A friend of the family’s sister-in-law (just roll with it) works with Delta Airlines and put in a referral for me in January!! Say what?? Awesome, yes. Filled out the application, passed my phone interview and three weeks later…the rejection e-mail. Oy vey. A girl can only take so much!

I originally applied to teach in Spain last year but rescinded my application after looking at the eerie statistics about the jobless economy. Since then, I’ve done gobs of research about the current situation and read many blogs from people currently in the auxiliar program. So…I applied again! Completed all 19 things on the to-do list the application program (19! 19!) and sent it in.


Well, looks like that is done! It’s in, all the documents, essays, letters of recommendation, photocopies, etc. have all been taken care of and now the waiting game begins! I’m certainly antsy to find out because at least then I would have a PLAN  for at least a year. Since I graduated, I’ve just felt like I’ve been spinning my wheels and trying to find a job. Even though this contract would only be for a year, it would still be better than … nothing. I’m so SO SO ready to goooooooooo. I’ve known since I was a little kid that I wanted to travel as much as possible and I am more than ready to get out there.

Have you ever taught English abroad, specifically Spain? What has been your longest standing dream?


5 thoughts on “Please, oh please, gimme a job!

  1. AngO says:

    AS someone who has seen both sides, be careful right now. I have taught abroad, but in Korea. It was lucrative, and I loved every second of it. My father’s family is from Spain and the outlook is grim there at the moment. It’s a beautiful country, but in dire straits at the moment…
    It’s a tough choice to make, but make a list of your priorities. Do you need money, or an amazing experience? Have you thought about South America? It’s amazing : )

    • almcgough says:

      Thanks for your comment AngO! I’m also applying for positions in South Korea since I’ve had about half a dozen friends work over there and they’ve all enjoyed it, especially the income! I would LOVE South America but I’ve had difficulty finding ESL jobs there. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Mike says:

    I haven’t taught in Spain, but I’ve applied applied to teach this next year too! I’m really excited to be going. Unfortunately, now we’re just playing the waiting game until we get a placement…

  3. ebostick1212 says:

    Have you gotten your placement yet? Don’t worry about the economic situation here. It is absolutely terrible, it’s true, but quite honestly, it is easier for a native English speaker to get a job here than a Spaniard. If you have your TIE,you could get an under the table job at academy in like, twenty minutes. People are always on the lookout for ESL teachers, because learning English as become a major priority, in order to get a job.

    (PS, I was a double major French and Spanish, so I hear you!)

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