New year!

New year, new me, right? I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 2 years now but over the past few months I’ve been slacking on the stringency of my diet. I know that I haven’t been getting adequate nutrients or a good variety of vegetables. To be honest, I’m uber bored with my meals and feel like I’m eating the same stuff day in and day out. Ugh! Call it a New Year’s resolution if you like but my goal now is to have more control over what I eat, keeping it vibrant and healthy and making sure it’s nourishing my body.

How am I going to do this? Well, I’ve found some fabulous blogs online concerning vegetarianism and veganism with good insight and delicious recipes.
This blog offers recipes that are SO simple to follow, no measurements used, only terms like “handful” or “spoonful” which is definitely my style of cooking. The recipe instructions are even illustrated! Fabulous. It’s like reading a comic book AND daydreaming about the delicious food. Yippee!
LOVE! This girl is a great writer and combines personal experiences with delicious recipe ideas. The occasional travel entry she has definitely interests me as well. Very informative and I feel like I’ve already learned so much from this blog.
I know Whole Foods also blogs about meat but their recipes are truly fabulous. I have yet to cook one that I don’t completely love! This site is also chock full of information about what foods have which vitamins, etc. and helps to understand what you should be eating.
Post Punk Kitchen is a recent find and I really like it so far. There’s a variety of recipes and I like that there’s plenty with simple, accessible ingredients, but that there’s also recipes with foods I might not normally try.
Those are the blogs I plan on following the most but I have to admit…I have a subscription to Self magazine. Ha! My mom had an offer card for a free subscription last year so she signed me up for it. I really like it, since it combines fitness and health information. I’ve read it cover to cover for the last few months and definitely have learned a lot.

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